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Excellent Drug-Free Treatment Solutions for Mental Problems

Mental health is an important discipline in the world due to the sensitivity of the brain as a body organ. Problems of the brain do occur to some people and they can be detrimental to their health. This is why different measures have been put in place by medical professionals to handle mental health problems. For a long time in the past, there has been the use of drugs to deal with mental problems. This was not very effective and had many side effects. However, you do not have to be on drugs to solve your mental health issues. Do you know that there are drug-free treatment solutions for mental problems?

The drug-free mental problem solution is called MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCN). This is a technology-enhanced treatment whereby brief micro-stimulation of the brain creates brain waves that fluctuate temporarily here and then. So, how does this treatment method work? MCN nudges the central nervous system to proper balance. This it does by using calibrated electrical signals to communicate to the brain. Having done this, the effect is long lasting unlike the traditional methods of addressing mental problems.

The abnormally functioning brain is fixed permanently using the electrical signals triggered by MCN. The process starts when the patient is actually seated. Lightweight electrodes are carefully placed at various parts of the head and also the neck. In most cases, the number of lightweight electrodes used is five. The electrodes are actually held in place using a special paste called a conductive paste. The paste is only applied after the neck and head are cleaned off. The treatment for the first visit will last for about an hour and there is nothing required of you as the patient. Just sit and let the experts do their job.

The modifications of the brain make the brain to learn to be accustomed to the changes. This change as discussed above is permanent, meaning that the brain will keep on improving over time. The brain actually learns to function more efficiently than before meaning that the mental health problem will have been cured. In addition, the patient will even have a higher thinking capacity due to the improvement of the functionality of the brain.

It is good to note that the changes that will be witnessed after MCN treatment are not a preserve of a given age group. No, they can be felt by people of all ages, meaning that MCN treatment is applicable to any patient regardless of age. The level of mental damage due to the mental problem does not also matter. The effects will be the same regardless of how much damage would have been done to the brain of the patient.

There are many mental problems that can be cured using this treatment method. The most common of them is addiction and depression. These two are very common in the world over no wonder most patients seek treatment using MCN procedures. Others in this group are autism, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, insomnia, migraines, and even other chronic illnesses. The method is therefore the best for it will solve the problem without subjecting the patient to drugs.

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