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Tip on How to Keep your Ankle and Foot Healthy

It is important to keep your ankle and feet healthy as they aid in mobility. Any minor or major damage to these parts of your body can lead to chronic pain, which might hinder you from carrying out your daily routine. It is also important to seek medical attention from your podiatrist just in case you experience any pain. It is believed that both feet make up 6{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} of the muscles, 18{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} of the muscles, and 25{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} of your body’s bones. To avoid such health issues, the best health practices are by moving, which can be achieved through exercises such as running, dancing, walking, or even weight lifting. Our feet get the most wear and tear due to the pressure from the various activities we engage in. These activities not only leave our feet and ankles sore, but they can also affect our entire body. Below are some tips on how to keep your ankle and feet healthy.

First, you should keep your feet clean and dry. Bacteria and fungi survive in moist and warm environments. While taking a bath, it is essential to clean your feet with clean water and soap. After bathing, make sure that you thoroughly dry your feet, especially between your toes. By keeping them dry, you lower the chances of getting fungal or bacterial infections. In case you are putting on closed shoes, ensure that dry and clean socks accompany your bare feet. It is also important to avoid sharing shoes with others, as other people’s shoes can increase the chances of getting infections.

Secondly, examine your feet and ankle regularly. Since our feet play a significant role in our daily activities, you may harm your ankle without noticing hence experiencing pain afterward. Make sure that you always have your ankles checked regularly. You should also check your feet once a day or at least once a week. Ensure that you check your toes and for any sign of peeling or scaling around your soles, which is a sign of an athlete’s foot. You can also check for any cuts, scratches, swelling, or blisters as discovering them early can help you prevent serious complications. In the case of toenails, discoloration seeks medical attention as that indicates a fungal infection. Always keep your nails neat and avoid applying nail polish on any infected nail.

Lastly, wear the right footwear. While buying your shoes, it is important to buy shoes that are not only fashionable but also functional. If you are participating in sports activities, always wear shoes that are fit for the specific sport. Avoid wearing tight shoes as they can lead to a long-term foot problem. Ensure that you purchase shoes that can accommodate your toes. Avoid walking barefooted as shoes protect you from bruises and bumps. Walking barefooted put your feet at risk of infections and injuries. It is also important to alternate your shoes, that avoid wearing the same pair every day. Incase of worn-out shoes, make sure that you replace them or have them mend. When wearing closed or sport shoes, make sure to put on socks to reduce irritation. These tips will help you keep your ankle and feet healthy.

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