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Art And Its Connection To The Spirit

For many decades, there has been a long standing argument between the expressionists who contemplated the meaning and virtues of art and the expressions that can affect people with it. There is an argument that every person has a way portraying and hearing the sentiments projected by these works. Spirituality and art has been linked to the human consciousness even during the before the dawn of history.

There are many archeological findings from many ancient peoples that depict artistic inclination from them. Cave paintings in places such as Lascaux in France and near Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico shows us much in terms of the deeper meaning of art. These paintings dating back hundreds to even thousands of years can still evoke an inner emotion to the ones viewing them. Even simple yet awe inspiring Neolithic paintings from the path can tell to us how these people lived. This in essence connects us to their feelings and thoughts engraved on their works. Many of them might not even serve much purpose to us today, but for many of our prehistoric ancestors, they derive much spirituality in such art.

Artists today are quite critical about the concept of spirituality, especially in tangible works. Rather than seeing more of the work and knowing its inspiration, it all falls down to the simple technique and mastery of their creations. Most of them who are at the elite elude the fact that many works of arts in the past were depictions with spiritual or religious significance. The Sistine Chapel itself is one such example where art and spirituality come together. The colors and images displayed evoke stories and feelings created by such wondrous works of art.

Many other works of art exhibit passion and drive that the artists themselves envelop in their works. All parts of the process in making a work of art derives much from the creative spirit of the artist. Understanding them can help us better visualize many things and understand even abstract images given to us. The background of paintings symbolizes its source. To tap into the energies and spiritual flow can give us a transference of memory from the painter or the artist. The different forms such as lines, angles, contour, facial expressions, colors and other cues can exhibit many different emotional and spiritual meaning to us. Our own spirit can attest to this through reflection and understanding even with the faintest designs.

There are specialists that can help or assist you in the understanding of the spiritual connection and manifestation of such ideas. Communication for many of us is as easy as understanding language. Like languages, what we do not understand, we merely shrug aside as noise until we know what they mean and subsequently obtain some sentiment or emotion from it. Likewise, the understanding of the spirituality in art requires an eye to see. Many can allude to the spirituality in art as it evokes to us meaning and sentiments that only becomes present when we see for it ourselves.

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