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Finding a Good Residential Remodeling Contractor

For most people that cannot do remodeling work themselves either due to lack of time or the necessary skills and equipment needed, hiring a home remodeling contractor becomes the most prudent option available. It can however become a challenging task to find the most suitable remodeling contractor for your specific needs. The process of selecting a residential remodeling contractor is more or less similar to that of hiring new employees. Similar to how you may not hire job applicants simply because they applied first, likewise contractors cannot be chosen before narrowing down all the options available to you arrive at the most suitable one. You should gather information regarding their portfolio of past accomplishments, consult an adequate number of referrals, confirm each contractor’s licensing and adopt a competitive bidding approach when making your final decision. Below are some important considerations you should bear in mind when choosing a residential remodeling contractor.

First things first, you should get a good number of recommendations and form a list of between 10-15 contractors available and with the necessary qualifications. From your list of the best identified contractors, should then gradually narrow down to the most suitable candidates and eventually pick one contractor. During this stage of selection, it is prudent to have as many names on the list as possible. You can compile a list of contractors by consulting other homeowners, reading online reviews and searching for remodeling contractors online.

Next, compare the portfolios of past accomplishments of the different contractors. It is worth noting that selecting a contractor specialized in your specific remodeling work can go a long way in ensuring your project is a success. For instance, contractor specialized in bathroom renovations may not exactly be the most competent for remodeling kitchens. For most projects, residential remodeling contractors with a high degree of creativity can be useful, especially when handling projects that require significant customization based on client preferences.

By checking each contractor’s licensing and certification, you can further narrow down your list. Depending on the project at hand, the remodelling contractors on your list should have the request site certification. Since legal requirements differ from state to state, it is important to confirm with the licensing authority in your area regarding the specific requirements contractors should have. Besides licensing and certification for safe and legal project completion, ensure that each contractor has liability insurance for protection in case your home gets damaged during the project.

After you have significantly eliminated the number of candidates on your list, it is now time to check your references. Since it is a common practice in this industry, most reputable contractors anticipate that clients will ask for a list of references. Typically, remodelling contractor references have about 10 jobs indicating the name, address and phone number of each client. It may be even better if the individual jobs on the list are dated. To confirm their authenticity, call several references and enquire on the quality of work offered by the contractor in question. Also, make sure to ask them about how satisfied they were with the contractor in general.

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