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Ways You Stand to Benefit From Canine Bed Bug Detection

Bed bugs are known to cause havoc and discomfort. These pests are perilous to humans. In addition to causing skin infections due to the itchiness caused by their bites, they also spread hazardous viruses that cause deadly diseases. Thus, bed bugs shouldn’t be taken for granted. Buying insecticides and calling professional exterminators is first thing home-owners think of, when their homes are infested by these pests. By nature, these bugs are elusive. Also, they often show up at night. Thus, tracing and targeting them is not easy even for highly skilled bed bug exterminators. Dogs have strong senses. They are, therefore, very useful in tracking bed bugs. Here are a few of the pros of using a dog for bed bug inspections.

Dogs, unlike humans, have very powerful senses. For a dog to perform bed bug inspections it has to, first, undergo extensive training. Powerful intrinsic senses, coupled with extensive training, makes dogs meticulous. They will, therefore, lead you to the exact spot where the bed bugs have taken refuge. A dog will save you from the trouble of waking up at wee hours to find bed bugs. After tracing the bugs, you can, then, take the right measures to have them exterminated. In addition to being meticulous, dogs are also faster compared to humans. Ideally, they can take at least fifteen to twenty minutes to inspect an average-sized home. They can also reach hidden corners that an average human cannot access due to constraints of size.

Bed bugs reproduce at very high rates. Humans might manage to trace a few live bugs here and there. However, they might overlook bed bug eggs. It would be pointless to exterminate live bed bugs and leave the eggs untouched. This is because the problem will recur as soon as the eggs hatch. Therefore, in addition to terminating the live bugs, you must also get rid of the eggs. Dogs will trace not only live bugs but also the eggs laid. With a canine on the job, you won’t have to worry about experiencing another infestation.

Having in mind that bed bugs are hard for humans to trace, you might end up incurring huge sums of money before any positive results are yielded. Canine inspectors won’t use up a lot of resources. This is because they have a great sense of smell, and this is the only resource that they need for the job. When you opt for canine inspection, you will most definitely save a lot of money. Dealing with a severe bed bug infestation is costly. However, with a canine on the job, you can be guaranteed that you won’t spend significant sums of money since the bugs will be detected early enough.

Human inspections are invasive, messy, and disruptive. For instance, they involve pulling out carpets and mattresses and dismantling furniture. Canines will inspect your entire household without causing any disruptions or unsightly messes. Now that you’ve understood a few of the benefits, don’t you agree that hiring canine inspection services is best? Well, if you do, be sure to find a good and reliable service provider.

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