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Experiments Conducted on Drug Metarrestin to Target Cancer Tumors

In the recent years, globally cancer has been the main cause of death for approximately 9.6 million people. These deaths are caused by physiological tumors which have spread to other parts of the body. Additionally, there are new cases of cancer related complications being reported annually of estimated 18.1 million persons. An estimate of 2.5 trillion dollars are used every year to study various types of cancer, research on anti-cancer medication and their development, and also to treat cancer patients. The main lethal source of cancer cells is known as cancer metastasis. There are measures being implemented to disseminate cancer, but they have all been reported as elusive.

In living organisms they ought to have cells locomotion, this is to enable development of embryos, homeostasis of organs, regeneration of new body tissues, responding to immunity, repairing of wounds and dissemination of all tumors. When cells migrate into microenvironments, they undergo extracellular matrices. These heterogeneous cells which are guides for locomotion directions, provides unnecessary barriers which hinders cell motility.

For there to be cell motility, all cells must generate temporospatial surfaces which naturally connects organelles and compartments such as filo podia, podosomes, blebs, focal adhesion and protrusion. Therefore, making the organisms which are multicellular not to relocate clearly. Note that one cancer cell in human beings can generate extracellular and elongated cytocapsular tubes which are membranous. These membranous tubes then interconnect and later form tubular network. This network directs cancer cells and they translocate into multiple directions far and wide.

Research institute have carried out a study and promotes organelles and tubes in cytocapsulae for therapy of any related disease. However, they have also implemented technology and biomedicines which can be used to treat tumor metastasis. These drugs can also be used to improve human health treat cancers which have been proved to resist any form of drugs.

A recent study have proved an experimental drug which attacks metastatic tumors which has not been confirmed in other therapies. For example, a mice had pancreatic cancer which had invaded other organs. Using a drug known as metarrestin, all the metastatic tumors shrank completely and the mice lived even longer. This drug was proven to be safe as, it was evident that there was no harm caused in any organ which had metastatic tumor. It has also been used to shrink metastatic tumors in types of breast and prostate cancer. Even though, trials are still underway and yet to be carried out on human beings.

This drug works efficiently by killing all the cells which have developed a structure known as perinucleolar compartment within the nuclei. Exceptionally, these structures only develop in metastatic tumors which have cancer cells and does not occur in health body cells. From the results, metarrestin has been confirmed to be promising and could be used to prevent metastasis.

There has been little progress in coming up with treatment for metastatic tumors since, understanding how cancer forms and grows still remains a big question. However, cancer cells have both genetic and nongenetic alteration and they do not have specific features which can distinguish them from other normal cells.

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