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The Merits of Smart Home Lighting

There are a lot of reasons why a smart home is desirable. A part of making this dream come true is making sure the lights are smart. Also, you can do it as a part of having your home upgraded. There are a number of ways the smart lights can be controlled including the use of your voice, a phone or even your watch. You can change the atmosphere to something comfortable by just controlling the lights which is a great thing. There are a lot of benefits to having this kind of lighting. If falling asleep has been a struggle for you then that can be resolved with smart lighting. With low levels of light, the brain is triggered to produce melatonin. This is a crucial hormone when it comes to controlling the sleep cycle. Melatonin production is highest in the evening hours and it will go down when the morning comes. However, the production can be disrupted by bright lights in the evening. The smart lights can be programmed to dim in the evening to facilitate the release of melatonin.

It is not just when you are falling asleep that you need help but also when you are waking up and the smart lights can be synced to produce warmer colors. Another way you can improve your mood is through the use of smart lighting. Seasonal Affective Disorder has been shown to improve for people who use smart lighting. There isn’t much sun in winter and most of the days will be dark and with the use of smart lighting you can ensure that your mood does not go down. You can set the lights to change colors depending on the weather and it will be helpful when it is raining a lot. Productivity is better if your mood is better and you cannot take that for granted. You do not have to take pills to make that happen because it can be done with the help of smart lights.

Also, smart lights will help in increasing security. Burglars love unlit homes because they will not be detected. One way of telling whether there is someone at home or not is by checking whether the lights are on and this can scare them from attacking. The smart lights give you an upper hand because you may even adjust the light at various rooms to give the illusion of multiple people being at home. The problem with leaving the normal lights on is that burglars will know it is a trick you are using. However, when they keep changing as the day or night goes by they will assume that you are present to control them.

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