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The Use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in Weight Lose
Do you need to lose some weight and achieve the body size you so much desire? Do you know about the HCG program and would you like to apply it in your weight lose exercise? This article will help you solve your problems on weight lose and provide you with some answers to your questions on this type of weight lose program. Firstly get to understand what HCG means. This is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced during pregnancy, it is sometimes used in the treatment of various fertility issues. The science behind this hormone and how it works in weight loss is still under research but still there are a few things you will have to understand about it. It is observed that with some HCG in the bloodstream you have some increased resistance to hunger. During early stages of pregnancy one experiences morning sickness and nausea and this, though not proven, could be an effect of HCG.
HCG works by maintaining the body’s muscle-mass despite the lower food intakes and this helps in the case of pregnant women retaining the necessary strength to keep them healthy throughout the pregnancy. HCG is administer through injections, this is to make sure it goes direct into the bloodstream for increased effectiveness. The dosage recommendation is based on a number of factos like the age and body size of the user or the kind of diet the user is on. It is recommended that anyone on the HCG program should take two meals at 250 calories per day together with the injections for optimum efficiency. This will give you the best result by the loss of fat and not muscle with an approximate total weight loss of between 1 and 3 lbs per day. This program limits you from some things and also to specific diets. The recommended diet is of vegetables lean meats and grains, one should not use sugar, dairy and fats.
HCG may pose the risk of possible side effects just like any other supplement available in the market and this site provides more info. now. Among the side effects of HCG are headaches, water retention, irritability, fatigue, depression and restlessness. Most of these signs are often linked to other things like dieting. You might find other forms of HCG other than injections what you need to know is that the only proven working form of HCG is the injection and o other. Safe or not would depend upon the application of HCG since it is a naturally occurring hormone. The use of HCG products without a prescription is illegal and therefore you should seek the help and recommendation of a heath care provider. If you thinks this method is not safe for you, one can find other alternative that will give similar results. With all that said the decision on whether or not you use HCG fully lies with you.