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Tips for Building a Survival Food Kits

You may not be able to tell the exact time when an emergency will occur but you can anticipate and get the right items you need for that. Don’t forget how important the food kit is when you are packing the emergency gears. However, do not just focus on the foods you like because it will not be of much help to you. Just because you love ice cream or pizza does not mean you can pack that for a long time. Thus, you need to be aware of the best survival food kits so that you can get it right. Packing the right foods will keep your family going for long during emergencies. The kind of foods you are packing should be easy to store for long periods and also accessible. This shouldn’t give you a lot of issues as long as you are aware of the food items you need to pack in your kit. Canned foods are some of the best because their shelf life is long and they are also read-to-eat.

This does not mean you should focus on getting as much canned food in your kit as possible. There is so much more you can pack apart from the canned food. Emergency situations come with a lot of stress and it is during that time when people need comfort food the most. As you build the survival food kit you need to consider that. Make sure you have packed fruit bars as well as protein bars. The protein bars are satisfying to eat and they tend to have many calories too. Fruit bars make for great comfort food too and they bring vitamins and minerals to the equation to make the meal balanced. This is why you need them in your survival food kit. Many food outlets stock these or you can make them at home. The fact that they do not take up a lot of space means you can pack many of them in a small space.

Another item you require in your kit is dry cereal as well as granola. People who travel a lot on a tight budget mostly take granola bars with them because they make you full fast and they do not cost much or take up much space in your carrier bad. You can eat it dry, add milk or just water and you will be full. Another crucial item to pack is peanut butter. Consider how much calories are in a tablespoon of this butter and you will realize why it should be in your survival food kit. Besides that, it can go for long periods of time without going bad. .

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