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Humidors – Uses and Types

The term humidor refers to any enclosure like box or room that has controlled humidity for special usage. By control we imply that humidity is kept at the owner of the box or room’s desire. Storage of cigarettes and cigars is the main applicable usage of humidors the world over. Tobacco and cannabis is also stored in humidors once in a while. For these functions the intended purpose is the same and that is keeping the humidity in the humidor at the right level for maintenance of the items. There are other websites that offer different applications of humidors. To discover more and learn more visit this website, click for more and check it out!

The usage of humidors in sports has also been witnessed in the past. In baseball for instance there is a belief that a humidor can maintain a certain level of humidity for a baseball which aids in performance during a game. Theories such as this one can be proven by visiting sites that offer more insight. You will find what you want here! Though not common, this concept has been applied in the past and produced desired results. It is thought that humidity in the baseball can affect the response when hit using the baseball bat.

The material that is mostly used in making humidors is wood. However, there are those made from other materials such as glass and metal that are becoming popular in the world. The best material is one that is airtight hence enabling containment of humidity to levels that are desirable. Also to be considered is durability of the material due to the fact that humidity can slowly erode materials after a lengthy period of time. The humidor’s inner side is well lined with Spanish cedar. The moisture cedar can contain is more than what wood can contain.

There are several types of humidors. The first one is the walk-in humidor. Most cigar bars have such humidors at their entrances. All the cigars are usually stored here for the users to find them in ideal conditions. Secondly, there is the cabinet humidor. This humidor is usually designed like a cabinet and placed on the floor. Over one thousand cigars can be held in this humidor. Its popularity is however overshadowed by the desktop humidor.

The box-like desktop humidor usually has drawers within it. Much as it is popular, its carrying capacity is limited. Five hundred cigars is the largest number they can hold. Lastly, we have the travel humidor. This is a humidor designed for those who travel carrying cigars. Travel humidors are therefore very portable. Since it serves one or few persons, the travel humidor does not hold many cigars. Most of them will hold below twenty cigars at a time.