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All You Need to Know About RFID Readers

One of the technologies that have been slowly making its way into everybody’s lives is the RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. It is also this one that is constantly evolving. This is the one that you will see in bar codes, smart cards, etc. which is a form of the automatic identification system. It is the advantages that the RFID system is able to give that makes it very beneficial to everyone that uses it.

Once you will be taking a look that an RFID system then it is the one that can have various components like RFID tags, readers, edge servers, middleware, and application software. The system is the one that will be transmitting and processing any information found on the RFID tags. The information gathered can be used in order to detect the tags or if there are any concerns about the tagged products. The system also has what is called an interrogator. It is this one that has a certain range that can detect the tags as well as activates it.

There are varying reasons why RFID tags are being used in different sectors. It is also this one that has three main types which are the passive, semi-passive or semi-active and active tags. The source of power supply in the RFID tags is the basis for their classification. Once you take a look at a passive RFID then they are the eons that don’t have a power supply of their own. It is this one that uses electrical current induced by the radio frequency signal to be able to transmit the needed response. What is good about this one is that they don’t need to have batteries to work. They are smaller in size and can have a range of up to 2mm to a few meters. And since they are simple enough, it is also them that are the cheapest of all the types and that is the reason why they are commonly used by many. The type that has a small battery inside is the semi-passive or semi-active RFID tags. Since they have a power supply, it is this one that will have a faster response compared to the passive things. An active tag is the one that also has its own power supply. They are bigger in size and have a larger memory. They have the ability to communicate even with huge distances between the reader.

An RFID reader is the one that can communicate with the tag with the use of radio waves through its antenna. The classification of the RFID readers will be based on the range that it will have like the UHF, HF (13.56 MHz) and microwave (2.45 GHz). It is also the range that they have that will be the basis for the price that they will have as well. The ones with a higher price are the UHF readers. What makes this one pricey is that they have no IC integration. The production of this one is also limited making its price a bit higher compared to other types. With the increasing demand though, many experts believe that its price will go down as years will pass.

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