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Tips for Evaluating Security Guard Services

If you need security guard services, likely, you do not know what to consider. This means you can be easily convinced by offerings that sound suitable. However, there are things you should be keen on. There are several options hence making the selection task even harder. Hiring the wrong security guard service won’t only frustrate you but also expose your business to vulnerabilities while looking for a replacement. Below are tips you should use to evaluate security guard services to get the best.

Does the security guard service have experience with businesses like yours? Guards have different experiences and skills that make them suitable for different types of environments and offices. The same applies to security guard services. Although most companies start in specific industries then expand into others, they mostly hire the same category of security guards and serve the same type of customers. For example, a company with experience in protecting nightclubs hires bar bouncers. Their skill and training differ from what is needed, for example in an elementary school environment. When examining security guard services, ensure they serve clients like you whether it is regarding the type of industry and business size.

Do they provide services in your city? Check whether potential security guard services have customers in the same city your business is in. This can be advantageous because it means that the guards are more acquainted with the security risks and issues in that area. If you select a security guard service with many locations in your city, they are likely to have extra supervision, security guards, and built-in reinforcements nearby.

What are other clients saying about security guard services? There is no better way of evaluating a service than looking at what their past and current clients are saying concerning them. Apart from talking to those near you, take the time to read online reviews. Several negative comments should be a red flag. However, if a security guard service has a few comments, follow up with the clients to know if the company sorted out their concerns.

Are the security guard services’ licenses and insurance up to date? A guard may need to detain a person and if they get injured on the job or cause damages to private property in the duty of protecting your property, it is important that he/she has adequate insurance to cover such incidences. Without proper insurance, you could be liable. Unlicensed security guard services may be cheaper but they have not been through background and training checks needed to obtain a license. Since security guards will access all areas of your property at all times, ensuring they are licensed is crucial in ensuring they are trustworthy.

Check the type of technology security guard services use. With the evolution of security technology, companies that use outdated technology will be far behind in the security they can offer. When evaluating security guard services, check the type of technology they utilize and if the guards are well-trained in using it. For example, most businesses are offering real-time reporting, a great advantage as you can track your guards always and get instantly notified of incidents and steps being taken.

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