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The Bulldog, The Unique Dog

There are so many types of dogs in all the different countries, all over the globe. Many dogs can be confused when trying to identify them because they look very similar to each other. Many types of dogs are also not easy to identify their names, unless one is a dog specialist, professional, or has a great interest in dogs. However, the bulldog cannot be confused with any other type of dog. The bulldog has distinctive characteristics. The different characteristics help people be able to differentiate the bulldog from other types of dogs. The bulldog has a small nose and a sagging face. Additionally, it is also very masculine by appearance. The bulldog is very sensitive to very high and very low temperatures. When it is too hot, and you and the dog are outside, you will notice that the bulldog is becoming distressed, slow, and sluggish. Some people like having a small pool of water to cool the dog down when they are staying outside their houses for one reason or another. The bulldog likes to stay in the house rather than outside where there are huge variations in temperatures. The dog does not also do well at very low temperatures. Because it has a small nose, the bulldog usually experiences problems with breathing in and out smoothly.

People who own the bulldog must then keep monitoring the breathing, and the temperatures that are best suited for the dog in the places they are living. We know that in different locations there are different temperatures and climate that are experienced. Many dogs like eating. The bulldog is not very different. The dog really loves eating and it is capable of eating a lot of food. Therefore as the owner of a bulldog, you must regulate when the dog eats, and how much of dog food it should eat at any particular time. The bulldog can gain weight extremely fast compared to other dogs. It will be very easy for a bulldog to become overweight because of this fact. This creates health problems including a breathing problem. This can be a great challenge to the life of the bulldog as there is already a natural problem of having a small nose that creates issues in breathing in and out. Because of the fact that it can easily gain weight, then exercise, physical exercise, is very important to the dog. As an owner of the bulldog, you need to make it do physical exercises such as playing and taking walks.

The dog usually experiences challenges in giving birth to puppies the natural way. Many bulldogs usually require a Cesarean Section to give birth successfully. If you own a bulldog, you may need to consult your veterinary about this. Additionally, the bulldog is usually very sensitive to anesthesia. Before any surgery is done, then you need to discuss this with your veterinary. When buying a bulldog, do not just get it from anyone who rears them. It is necessary that you buy it from a specialized professional who keeps records of the genetic health and behavior of the dog. This is to avoid buying an aggressive dog or a dog with other health issues that are genetic.

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