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Gelato Marijuana Strain Fast Facts

The cannabis industry is rich in cannabis strains that are created for both recreational and medical users. This site will discuss more the marijuana gelato strain. In the current industry, different phenotypes of the gelato strain are distributed.

Gelato is basically a hybrid strain that is comprised of both Indica and Sativa. But then, for the gelato strain in particular, only 45{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} is Sativa and 55{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} goes to Indica. What makes this particular strain popular will have to be its delicious flavor. Furthermore, it is also popular for its high THC levels from 20{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} to 25{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} that give off its powerful effects.

Getting the effects of physical relaxation and euphoria is what you get with the gelato strain that makes it very popular. This makes this the perfect strain for keeping you in a good mood. Even if you are in a good mood, your productivity will not be affected. While you get good focus, it will be from a different perspective. If you happen to be doing some challenging and creative work, the use of gelato will be of big help to you.

The buds that are present in the gelato plant gives you small but dense and thick structure that is most common in Indica. The pistils of gelato come in bright orange color that make them attractive. It also comes with shades of deep purple that make them easily stand out with your forest green leaves.

The high THC content level found in gelato is one of the reasons why it is very potent. For first-time gelato consumers, a bit of caution must be undertaken before this cannabis strain is taken in. What makes this particular strain different from other cannabis strains is its ability to elevate your mood but still keep you creative and clear-headed. You body is able to feel pleasant sensations but this does not mean that you will always remain on the couch.

Gelato with about 26{887a669b72be6881f67dae7c0d31f25cc9841351d4641ce3fb56d3d9caffed44} of THC content is best used for medicinal purposes. One such example for its medicinal effects will be for chronic pain and muscle spasms. The uplifting effects of the strain on the person’s mental health are also beneficial for people who have depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

When you talk about the gelato strain, its flavor always comes to mind and is associated easily with the favorite ice cream dessert present in Europe. Thus, what does it taste if you might ask? In terms of dessert, rest assured that both of them are similar. In terms of flavor, just think of it as a combination of mint scout cookies and sunset sherbet. The scent that you get offers the same level of flavor. This gelato strain gives you both a sweet and citrus taste. It also comes with an earthy taste akin to oak. In short, you get hues of orange and berry sherbet with an earthy and sweet aroma.

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