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Information to Know About Prevailing Wages for Contractors

As per the law, it will be necessary to begin by mentioning that the act requires all the contractors as well as subcontractors to pay a prevailing hourly wage to the workers whenever they are working on a construction project that is federally funded in more than two thousand dollars. Usually, the prevailing wage in any of the projects will be determined by the department of labor. It is based on the amount that the workers who are employed are paid on the same project in that area. This act was designed to ensure that the situations where most contractors low ball the proposed costs on a certain project to be at the expense of the wages that the worker is getting is avoided. We have several states which follow the prevailing wage laws for all the construction projects which are government-funded and will ensure that they have extended these projects to the locals as well as the municipalities levels.

There are two parts that are in the prevailing wage. We have a basic rate that is paid hourly to every employee and the fringe benefits amount that separates the hourly amount which can be paid as part of the wages of the worker or that which is used to fund the benefits plan. Example of fringe benefits includes vacation pay, health, and life insurance as well as holiday pay. For most of the contractors, they will pay the necessary fringe benefit as salaries since they consider this as an easy way of complying with the law. However, it sounds costly to a contract, reason being, all the salaries that are paid to the workers are always subject to the payroll taxes, like the state unemployment taxes and the social security taxes. Here is a variation on the rate; however, an estimate is given that the contractor will always pay an additional cost for the payroll taxes. Once fringe dollars are considered by the contractor to fund the bona fide benefits for the workers, then it is good to know that the cash will be excepted from all the payroll, taxes, and this means that as a contractor, one will save more money every year.

If the fringe dollar is used properly, then the contractor will be in a position of implementing as well as improving the benefit programs that are already existing. For the employer with benefits, paying of the fringes as cash will mean that they are taking a step of having the benefits funded in duplicity since the payments will be paid from the account of a business that is operating. There can be a reduction of extra expense if the fringe dollars are used as an advantage for both the employee and the employer. The labor market today is very tight, which has made workers seek total compensation packages. These include the benefits. Fringe dollars will enable the companies to bolster the current programs that they have, ensuring that better benefits coverage, as well as additional benefit options, are offered to the employees. With fringe dollars, they aid the owners as well as the critical employees to have more contribution to their retirement, and at the same time, ensuring that the retirement plan of a company passes the annual testing.

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