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The Beauty of How God Works in One’s Life: Testimonies living a victorious life against sin and satan

In your journey as a Christian, you will be facing many challenges as you walk and obey the will of our Lord Jesus Christ. These challenges can be physical and spiritual testings of faith. And the moment that you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior and Genuinely repent before the Lord for all the sins you have done against him and obey the will of our God in our life, you are now able to identify the good and pleasing before the eyes of our Lord and Almighty God and to what is evil or not pleasing in the eyes of our God. That is why every Christian all over the world is in a war, an age old battle that represents the Christian life. This fight is not against our physical flesh and blood but against our enemy Satan and his demons, this is what we call a spiritual battle. In this war, our mind is on the battlefield wherein the enemy is trying to destroy our lives which represent our body, soul, and spirit. The enemy or the devil works diligently to set up strongholds in our mind, this works of the devil are through sin, deception, accusation, and attacks. But Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for He has defeated Satan at the cross more than two thousand years ago. Our God has rescued us out of the darkness and great distress of satan’s kingdom in our lives. The Christian flag of victory has been raised, but still, the spiritual battle continues. We are saved our body, soul, and spirit by the blood of Christ, for Christ came to save what was lost and Christ wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1Tim2:4). Christians are supposed to live a life that is full, abundant and prosperous (John10:10). But why do most Christians live defeated, lousy, hard and gloomy lives?

The beauty of how God works in one’s life is revealed by the testimonies of many Christians who face battles and victoriously overcome the deception, accusation, and attacks of the enemy. One’s life testimony about how God moved in our lives can be shared in many forms many uses social media to publicly declare the goodness of the lord in his or her life despite of what he or she goes through until he or she can say that he or she is living a victorious life against sin and satan because of Jesus Christ.

This testimonies that is being shared all over the internet it could be in the form of videos, social media posts, articles, or even a blogs it can be a source of help to other Christians who undergo the same challenges and testings but in different circumstances to encourage to have faith and hope for the Lord’s deliverance to all who reads teaching everyone to never doubt of what our God can do in one’s life. To remind us that because of Christ we can do anything through Him and by Him, anything is possible even to what is impossible for a human. Do not limit the power of our God to work in our lives. Be constantly equipped with the word of God the scripture (Heb. 4:12). Grow in your relationship with the Lord. Intimacy with the Lord is the most important relationship that a person could have.

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