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The benefits of using traditional and sustainable practices in your farm

From gardening, preserving, and harvests and everything that is termed as “dirty”, so many benefits can be derived from your farm. All this does not require that you are a southern country living but you can be able to do it anywhere regardless of your physical location. Sustainable agriculture which results in a sustainable food system is a system that does not require chemicals in your farm. It helps to conserve energy and water, emphasize on local production and help to utilize the available natural resources more effectively and efficiently. In order for agricultural practices to be more sustainable, they must incorporate the following principles, the needs of the people, that is provide nutrient-rich foods for people in order to improve their quality of life, should be profitable and finally, the practices should provide healthy biodiversity and help in the natural management of resources.

There are several sustainable agricultural practices that can be practiced in your farms such as permaculture which applies the principles found in nature to develop human settlements, allowing you to live in perfect harmony with the natural world, biodynamic farming which incorporates ecological practices that is, raising animals on a farm in a way that they help replenish the fertility of the soil and improve the growth of plants, aquaponics, and hydroponics which involves growing of plants without the use of soil by adding nutrients in water crop rotation which ensures that the soil is not over-utilized in order for it not to lose its fertility and natural animal raising whereby animals are raised under less pressure and stress closer to their natural habitats just to name but a few.

There are so many benefits that arise from sustainable and traditional methods of farming. Some of them are discussed below.
It helps to produce food that is very safe for human consumption and this is due to the fact that no artificial chemicals are used to grow the crops or rear animals such as chicken. Sustainable agriculture produces safe food with high nutritional value and is so beneficial to your health.

There is also food diversity which is so much greater when traditional and sustainable methods are used for farming. Not only are the usual cash crops produced but other local varieties that are important for your health are produced.

Another benefit is that it eliminates typical farming practices that waste huge tracts of land through single crop planting. This ruins landscapes and makes the farmer use more land, which is unnecessary. Sustainable farming ensures that a farmer can place multiple crops on the same land in order to better preserve the environment.

It also helps to eliminate the brutality that happens in animals on farms. Typically, animals are placed in a confined tiny space where they fight for the little available resources provided but with traditional and sustainable methods, a humane environment is created for the animals through limiting the number of animals required to be in a certain space and also implementing healthy a plant-based diet for all their health needs.

Lastly, traditional and sustainable methods of farming help to eliminate water pollution by not using fertilizers and chemicals that are harmful to the environment as they seep in through water and ruin the natural environment.

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