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Know More About Drinking Paper Straws

Recently, you will hardly find a celebration without a drink for the guests to enjoy. Paper straws are therefore, the hottest idea you can have to buy for the purpose of drinking. The paper straws are eco-friendly and are quite cheaper and disposable after use. Some jurisdictions have gone ahead to save environment by banning the use of plastic straws and replacing them with paper straws to save the environment. Some bigger restaurants like the Starbucks are now adopting the paper straws so as to save the environment.

Here are some of the benefits of using drinking paper straws over the plastic type. One of the advantages of using the paper drinking straws is that they help to protect the teeth enamel from damage especially for the kids. Plastic drinking straws are made with some chemical ingredients and can therefore, affect the enamel and also harder than the enamel which can cause damage.

The major benefit of paper drinking straw is that it is environmental friendly since it is biodegradable. For the plastic straws, they are health hazardous if not disposed in an appropriate way since they can never decompose like the paper straws unless they are recycled which is expensive. Paper straws on the other hand, are fully biodegradable and compostable even if you bury them or throw them in the ocean. The distinction between the plastic straws and paper straws is that paper straws decompose faster than the plastic straws and this makes paper straws to be more eco-friendly and are highly recommended.

The cost of paper straws is relative and one can easily afford. It would be cheaper to buy the paper straws once everyone gets the awareness of the negative effects of using plastic straws. The other beneficiaries of the paper straws is the wildlife. It has been found out that paper straws can decompose in several weeks and therefore if you dispose them in the ocean it won’t affect the marine creatures. If we switch to paper straws, after a while the effect would be felt one the environment conservation and this is why paper straws are highly recommended.

However, sometimes buying the paper straws could be challenging since there are many manufacturers and suppliers. You need to make proper decisions on where or how to buy the paper straws for your celebration. Online shopping is always recommended for a person who wants to buy paper straws. There are some wholesalers who offer paper straws at a discount and they would also offer free shipping if you reach a given amount of purchase.

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