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Benefits of Belonging to a Christian Church

We will all face death and if that time comes we will all be judged, God. The righteous and those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior will go to heaven and those who fall short will be separated from God and will go to hell. Being a Christian means that we accept and receive Jesus as our Lord and personal savior. Those who follow Jesus should lay their life and serve him. Aside from this, there are a lot of benefits in accepting God as our Lord and personal savior and becoming a Christian.

Christians will be able to have a personal connection with Jesus Christ. Jesus will be your friend, teacher, mentor, role model, and companion for your entire life. Jesus has overcome the world. Jesus will help you no matter the situation you are in. We can talk to Jesus about anything anytime we want. He will always be there for you. The world is a scary place and there are temptations everywhere. As long as we believe and trust in God we will be able to face any situation.

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God and that guides us in everything. The Holy Spirit will show us our sin and how we can overcome it. The Holy Spirit will give us strength and help us with our weaknesses. We can avoid and not give in to temptation. The Holy Spirit will intercede when we are tempted. You will have joy in your hearts when we live according to the will of God. We will be blessed and should be a blessing to others. We need to help in making the world a better place and in building the kingdom of God. When we accept Jesus we will be able to resist temptation and have victory over our sins. We will have joy in our hearts when this happens.

Having God in our lives will make us happy and have peace. As Christians, we have to go to church regularly. In the church, we will be able to hear and learn the word of God. This is very important in our spiritual growth. Aside from that, we can also connect with the church and other Christians. Churches conduct bible studies and prayer meetings. Serving the church is also serving God. As Christians, we need to bring more people to God. We need to reach out to those people who have not yet receive God as their Lord and personal savior. We need to be involved in our Church. If God has given you the talent to sing then you should join the choir of your church. If you can lead then be one of the leaders of the church.

There are a lot of Christian churches all over the world. Choosing the right one can make a huge difference. Father’s House Church is a great example. They will help their members grow and build their relationship with Jesus. You can visit their website to know more about this Christian church.

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