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Top Tips for Health Supplement Shopping

Dietary supplements are available everywhere, from convenience stores to pharmacies to big chain stores and the rest. And there’re plenty of them as well. Single nutrients, multivitamins, minerals, antioxidants, even protein powders etc.

So how do tell know which one or ones are good for you? So how can you tell a good product or products?So how do you know which one or ones are worth buying?

Know what you want or need.

Dietary supplements are great for ensuring that you’re getting enough of specific nutrients. There are, in fact, many reputable multivitamin brands out there. But sometimes, you need specific supplements to address specific health concerns, like iron for anemia. In such a case, your doctor will have explained how much of the needed nutrient you should take, as well as offered suggestions on good brands.

Know how to use a label.

Labels are designed to get your attention and influence you to buy the product. And while supplement manufacturers need to follow certain rules on health claims, you may find yourself checking out a product that promises to do beyond what it can. Go beyond what you see on the front of the label; instead, examine the supplement fact chart and ingredients to know what’s really in the bottle and what the right dose is. You should also find the manufacturer’s name and contact information.

Forget about mega doses and extra ingredients.

You may think extra ingredients in your health supplements is always a good thing, but in most cases, more ingredients means more potentially harmful side effects. Start with just the vitamin or mineral you went shopping for. Very importantly, do what the dosage instructions say on the label. Dietary supplements may be safe in general, but too much of anything, including these supplements, can be a bad thing.

Get a reputable brand.

You’ll likely be abot to get some advice if you go shopping for supplements at a more intimate shop such as a pharmacy or a health food outlet. But if you shop at a big chain store, you may not enjoy this perk. Pharmacopoeial Convention or ConsumerLabs. Certification is not an assurance that the product is effective, but it tells you that the supplements had passed quality tests.

When buying online, know from whom exactly.

Googling “health supplements,” you will surely get an almost endless list of online sellers. Remember, the quality of their products is only as good as their reputation as a business. As much as possible, stay away from unknown sources and never believe extreme promises like miraculous cancer cures or effortless weight loss. Lastly, talk to your doctor especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, scheduled for surgery, have existing medical conditions or are taking prescription meds.

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