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5 Tips for Choosing a Great Teacher to Learn English Online for Myanmar

English is one of the widely used languages across the world for official business and interpersonal communication. In countries where residents use a local language, they often engage English teachers to help them master the lingo so that they can interact with other people, especially when planning to enroll in western schools or relocate to an English-speaking country. However, a student’s ability to understand the language mainly depends on the proficiency of your instructor. These tips will help you in identifying a suitable English teacher.

Subject knowledge
Find a teacher with vast knowledge in English. An instructor who does not understand some concepts of the language is likely to mislead students, or even fail to exhaust the grammar rules required for learners to become perfect in written and spoken language. Thus, an instructor should at least have intermediate fluency in English to start teaching the language. English educators should pass several online tests to prove their proficiency.

Ability to bond with the educator
Learning English is a continuous process that you might require to undertake over an extended period. Consequently, find an instructor whom you can bond quickly. Find someone who can understand you easily, as well as ready to listen to your issues.

However, the instructor should be honest so that you can learn about your weaknesses and improve them. If you praise a student of their fluency, while in the real sense they are performing poorly, such instructors obstruct the capacity of students to fail.

Certified instructor
A person can be fluent in a language, but not everyone can teach. One requires to follow a strategic process to ensure students grasp the language concepts. Therefore, students should engage a qualified English teacher instead of their friends who are fluent in the language. While an untrained teacher might be cheap, grasping English could be challenging, as the individual would not know where to start and how to progress the lessons for students to perfect.

Training level
Before you hire an instructor, take English tests that will help you identify your proficiency in the language. Some educators specialize in training entry, intermediate, or expert level. It is upon an individual to determine the level that would suit their requirements. Once they determine the complexity, they can handle, identifying an instructor to provide English lessons pegged to their language level would then be much more comfortable.

Training approach
You can either select between an online and offline instructor. For some people, they learn well in the company of other students whom they can share their experiences and form study groups. Knowing the environment in which you will thrive is crucial to excelling in the English language. For instance, if you are the kind of person who requires the company of others for motivation would thrive better while instructed by a live teacher.

Common language
Before you master English, you will need to start learning from somewhere. Therefore, choose an educator whom you share a common language since you will need an explanation of some concepts at the entry in a language that you understand.

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