Essential Lessons from Spiritual Reality of Politics

The spiritual reality of politics is an effective book that was authored by Muhammad Isman Kanafsky which has been widely read. This book is effective since it relates the world politics with spirituality. It states that when God created man there was perfectness and man had a true soul for human which could enable them to reside in the world. The perfectness was however destroyed as a result of the actions of the original ancestors and the mistakes that were also done by the parents. This is because the forefathers had moved away from the commands that were given to them. The result of this is the current situation that people are facing in the world since the original human soul was destroyed hence we have lost control of ourselves. Those who are supposed to be the servants have therefore turned out to be the masters and at the same time ensure that they control the livelihood of human beings. There are many lessons that the author has brought out this in the book spiritual reality of books. The various lessons have been discussed in this article.

The political in society today is nowadays being influenced by the spiritual beliefs of the land which is the reality of the current situation. Many people have therefore become self-centered with the intention of satisfying their own needs at the expense of others. There is no harmonious living among the people hence everybody is minding their own business. The author therefore usually tries to explain the true reality of spirituality in politics. Once you have such understanding you will be effectively positioned to return to the original way of life that was intended. You will, therefore, need to effectively analyze this theme and make decisions based on your deep comprehension. This is important since this is usually a sensitive matter and will have a lot of impact on society. It states that the only way that you can return to the original condition in which you were created will need the intervention of God. You will, therefore, need to receive and accept God in order to manage such through the help of the Holy Spirit. This is possible since from the character of God, being wise and omnipotent is able to deliver you just as shown in the bible. This will, therefore, have an impact on how politics will be played.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to be aware of the fact that your political ideology will often be influenced by spiritual politics. It is therefore important that you turn to God’s guidance in whatever kind of decision to be made. There are different political factions in the world such as the republicans and the democrats. In order for them to effectively carry out their actions they will have no need but to depend on God. However, there are certain groups of people who are usually not interested in worshipping God as they have been dominated by normal human livelihood. Because of this, spirituality will always have an impact on the politics of the world.

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